Taking the Mystery out of Web Hosting

Hosting your first website can be quite a nightmare for the true beginner. Thinking back to the time when I hosted my first website? it was much like throwing rocks in the dark! I really did not understand what was involved and there was no place that I found a thorough explanation of everything involved.

So, I stumbled along and made a few messes along the way. The purpose of this article is to help you understand the basics involved in hosting any website and to remove some of the mysteries.

If you were to compare your first hosting task to finding your first apartment, you hopefully know that you first have to find a place to rent. And, before you go looking for that place, you should probably decide on how much you have to spend, how much space you need and if it will be furnished, unfurnished, month to month or long term, etc... the list goes on and on!

Hosting your first website is comparable to renting that apartment, in that to host it, you have to find a hosting company to rent space from. That's what Hosting is all about... renting space on a hosting companies "Web Server" (that 'serves up' your pages to your site visitors).

How much space you'll need is determined by how many pages, illustrations, forms, tables and/or maybe a database or two? All these things figure into how much Space you'll need. The Space on a server is typically measured in Megabytes.   [ There are 1024 Kilobytes in a Megabyte ] Add up the size of all your pages, images, files, etc... and that will give you a good estimate of how much space you'll need.

For future planning... you should probably double or triple that number and add quite a bit of room IF you plan on LOTS of growth for your website in the future! Hint: Conservatively, a dozen (12) basic Web pages will fit in a Megabyte or less.

When you decide how much room you need, then you can more closely discover what price to pay for your hosting. The prices that you might pay are widely varied. Please, just don't be fooled into thinking that you will get a better deal or better service if you pay more.

If you're looking for room to host a blog, some hosting services make that MUCH easier than others. If you're looking for a WordPress blog that will "self install" for you, the company listed here offers that service and we use it often for our customers. You only have to answer two or three questions and click a link and the software "self installs" your blog for you. Simply record your "critical" information (username/password) and you can be in business in just a few minutes. You can choose to add a template that makes the "look and feel" of your blog more professional looking or you can use it just like it comes out of the box. There are LOTS of options when it comes to blogging these days and our hosting company makes it easy for you.

Opting for Simple, Reliable and Inexpensive Hosting is what I would advise anyone who is looking for Hosting to look for. Please visit our favorite Hosting company by clicking HERE or click on the banner above.

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